National Certificate in Computing Level3

Course Overview

This course aims to give students in-depth practical knowledge of computing, computing concepts and skills. The National Certificate in Computing (Level 3) will provide students with knowledge and skills in computer hardware, software, word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and file management. This course provides a broad base for those wishing to continue their education in computing or search for a particular career involving computers.

This certificate builds upon knowledge recognized in the National Certificate in Computing (Lv2 ) or the National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing (Lv2) . Computers are a necessary tool used by industries in a wide variety of ways. This qualification provides the flexibility for industry to specify knowledge and skills from their own environment, while still retaining a core of intermediate level computing competencies.

This qualification aims to provide a qualification for initial employment in computing enhance readiness for further study in computing and related fields. It can lead to the National Certificate in Computing (Lv4) or the National Diploma in Computing (Lv5) with optional strands in Management, Operations, Support, Generic computing and Software Development.


Any student under the age of 18 will be advised to complete or provide evidence of having completed an equivalent qualification for one of the foundation program first, to ensure correct course suitability.

The following is considered the minimum requirement:

  • National Certificate in Computing Level 2

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