Course Overview

The aim of this programme is to enable learners to pathway into higher level studies in English or obtain a good level of English to participate in workplace or community activities in a supported environment. The target group(s) are school leavers, international students and new migrants who want to improve their English language skills to communicate in their work or study, cultural and social environment.

Course Overview

Learners who intend to use English as an additional language, this qualification will allow that knowledge of English to enhance communication in familiar, everyday situations. When candidates complete this qualification, graduates should have the ability to understand and communicate using acceptable vocabulary among New Zealand community, employers and educational institutions, for general purposes. Graduates will have the skills to use simple face to face interpersonal communication; understand simple spoken and written instructions and descriptions; and completion of simple forms relevant to workplace contexts.

Course Content

The main content of the programme is developing Learners essential skills in reading, speaking, writing and listening. They will learn in an individual and as well as in a group situation to build their self-confidence.

  • 27983 – Read and understand simple texts on familiar topics (EL)
  • 27984 – Read and understand simple texts for practical purposes (EL)
  • 27991 – Participate in simple spoken exchanges on personal and familiar topics (EL)
  • 27992 – Participate in simple spoken routine transactions (EL)
  • 27993 – Participate in simple spoken instructional interactions (EL)
  • 27999 – Write simple texts on familiar topics (EL)
  • 28000 – Write simple texts for practical purposes (EL)
  • 28022 – Demonstrate understanding of simple spoken information on familiar topics (EL)


Entry is open although preferences will be given to those who have gained Certificate in New Zealand English Language level 1 qualification or completed ESOL certificate at level 1 or similar. It will be offered to those who are age 16 years and above for New Zealand permanent residents or citizens; and 18 years and above for international learners.

  • 4 intakes per year
  • 6 Months

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